Transport & Logistics >> Sea Freight

The ATTC sea freight department enjoys excellent working relationships with a variety of shipping lines servicing Egypt to and from the Far East, Indian Sub Continent, Arabian Gulf, North Europe and North America. 

ATTC delivers the following services with the aid of its international partners: 

  • Reliable container service
  • Optimum rates through fixed long term contracts with shipping lines
  • Capacity management
  • NVOCC service to and from the USA
  • Competitive rates through our global partnerships
  • Excellent door to door service

ATTC is proud to also hold an Agency License enabling it to act as an agent for vessels at all Egyptian ports and during Suez Canal transit.

L.C.L. & Consolidation:

ATTC directs LCL traffic to and from Egyptian ports and provides cargo handling of import consolidated consignments.

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